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DIY Flavoured Whipped Cream with GoldWhip

GoldWhip flavoured whipped cream

The indulgent dessert is usually crowned with a creamy, dreamy topping. Whipped cream is that magical ingredient that elevates the simplest of dishes to a rich flavour profile. But why settle for plain whipped cream when you can elevate it with irresistible flavours that will delight your taste buds?

Choosing the right foundation: Before you dive into the flavour, it is important to master the art of whip cream. try to choose a heavier cream with more fat, as it gives you a nice texture. A cold mixing bowl is also important to get the fluffy consistency. 

Flavours: When it comes to trying whipped cream, the possibilities are endless. Add a sprinkling of GoldWhip mini tank vanilla-flavoured extract for an amazing twist. Feeling more curious? 

Just add a dollop of GoldWhip to your homemade whipped cream for an extra special touch. It not only makes your whipped cream super smooth but also adds a luxurious feel. Plus, it helps your whipped cream stay firm longer, so your desserts always look amazing

Recipes to try: 

  • Decadent Chocolate: Mix cocoa powder and a little espresso for a delicious chocolate whipped cream that goes perfectly with cakes and pies. 

  • Fresh Berry Delight: Fold in dried strawberries or raspberries for a fruity whipped cream that brightens up any dessert. 

In conclusion, making your flavoured whipped cream gives you endless possibilities to customise your desserts. With GoldWhip, you can achieve chef-quality whipped cream that you'll love. So, grab your blender and get ready to create something unique!


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