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GoldWhip is Pioneering Excellence in Premium Gas Products. 

Image of a chef dispensing foam from a cream dispenser with a GoldWhip N2O cylinder and regulator
GoldWhip stands at the forefront of the premium gas product industry.

With years of expertise and a relentless drive for innovation, we have solidified our reputation as a trusted industry leader. Our unwavering dedication to excellence, reliability, and customer satisfaction distinguishes us and fuels our consistent delivery of exceptional products and services.

At GoldWhip, we take pride in offering a comprehensive range of gas products. This encompasses catering essentials like N2O, CO2, and N2 gases, along with a variety of machines and accessories. Additionally, we specialize in industrial gases, including welding, helium, and automotive gases.


GoldWhip is dedicated to crafting world-leading gas products for the catering industry, spanning from home kitchens to industrial settings. Our commitment lies in delivering top-tier products while maintaining cost-effectiveness. At our core, we aim to offer you a rapid, efficient, and innovative solutions for your needs.

Range of GoldWhip catering products and machines
Empowering Culinary Excellence with Premium Gas Products and Machines.

Join the ranks of satisfied customers who have chosen GoldWhip for their whipped cream, catering and soda gas needs.


Experience the difference of working with a leader in the industry, where quality, innovation, and customer-centricity converge.


Explore our product range, discover our exceptional service, and unlock endless possibilities for your culinary endeavors.

Image of GoldWhip industrial gases
Diversifying Horizons: GoldWhip's Expansion into Industrial Gases

At GoldWhip, we're continually broadening our scope to meet the diverse needs of our customers. 


Our expanding range now encompasses a variety of industrial gases, including welding gas cylinders for precision welding processes, helium cylinders for festive inflations, and a selection of automotive gases for various applications.

Range of goldwhip catering products
Effortlessly enhance your culinary experience.

Whether you're a professional chef, a restaurant owner, or a catering business, our premium gas products are designed to meet your specific needs.


We also provide a wide selection of accessories, such as cream whippers, regulators, and machines like nitro coffee and soda machines, to enhance your culinary creations.

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