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About GoldWhip

Launched in 2021, GoldWhip is bringing the highest quality in cream chargers to professional kitchens and catering professionals globally.
GoldWhip prides itself in providing the highest-quality products for the best price. The mission is to provide you with a fast-paced, efficient, cost-effective and innovative system for your cream charger operations.

Our aim is to provide easy-to-use and innovative solutions for the catering industry by doing away with the trouble of using lots of solo chargers and make refilling as simple as possible. GoldWhip focuses on efficiency, safety, durability and premium quality.

By using GoldWhip, whipping up cream will transform from a tedious, time-consuming process to having your desserts ready in no time and at no delay.

Our primary objective is to offer you the best solution to your kitchen needs. By doing this, we will be able to continually improve, create goods of the highest caliber with unique features and establish ourselves as the market leader for food grade N2O cream chargers.
Our cylinders are professionally made, resulting in higher quality Nitrous Oxide. With a global demand, GoldWhip is the best choice for you and your culinary needs, the smart way to whip.

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