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How is rapid infusion achieved?

rapid infusion

Whipped cream chargers and dispensers aren’t exclusively for whipped cream, despite what the name might suggest. Some people might not be aware of the numerous applications for it that go beyond whipped cream.

When chargers are used, a high-pressure environment is formed that can transfer flavours from one substance to another. While this infusion usually whips the cream in the container, it also flavours a variety of other items when done quickly.


How is rapid infusion achieved?

The solid state flavour’s pores are severely penetrated by the pressure from the N2O. Nitrous oxide leaves the solid material’s pores when the pressure is released, extracting the entire flavour profile and emulsifying it into the liquid. Thus, instead of the natural process of waiting days to weeks, full flavour infusions can be made in minutes.


How does the process work?

Getting the flavour of something into a different liquid is the main aim of infusing items. The liquid in the container is first mixed with flavouring solids. The nitrous oxide chargers are utilised once the canister is prepared for usage. The flavours from the solids will quickly infuse into the liquid when the compressed gas is discharged into the container due to the high-pressure environment. The pressurised air should be released by pushing the trigger after it has been left for a minute. The finished result will be simple to create, flavourful beverages that can be made fast. These can be used as cooking liquids, to make a distinctive drink, or whenever a particular flavouring is called for.

Without the charger and dispenser, it can take a week or more to organically steep something and infuse it with flavour. These practical instruments make it possible to complete the task quickly, without sacrificing taste or quality.

No flavouring truly originates from the nitrous oxide charges. Although they start the infusion, chargers don’t have any unique flavours in them. These flavours are created during the infusion process.

Whipped cream chargers are practical culinary gadgets that can be applied in several ways. They serve a lot more purposes than just whipping cream, they are ideal for mixologists and those who enjoy their own coffee at home.

GoldWhip premium food grade nitrous cream dispensers can be used to prepare all kinds of dishes and drinks, ranging from the classic whipped cream to theatrical N2O infused cocktails to rapid infused foams which are now widespread on fine-dining menus!

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