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How to use your N2O Cylinder

For a comprehensive step by step guide see below


Follow our step-by-step guide on how to use your Premium GoldWhip N2O cylinder tanks to create culinary masterpieces.

You Will Need

  • GoldWhip
615g Tank

  • GoldWhip Pressure Regulator

  • GoldWhip Cream Dispenser

  • Your Ingredients.


How to use your tank

pressure regulator

1. Screw the pressure regulator onto the tank

To attach pressure regulator, twist the pressure regulator on to the cylinder head. Ensuring that is secure and tight. Ensure the pressure knob is closed (against clockwise, you see a little – minus sign on top of the pressure knob)


cream dispenser

2. Pour your ingredients into the cream dispenser

Next, Pour the contents of your recipe into your cream dispenser and close the lid.



adaptor to the dispenser

3. Connect the adaptor to the dispenser

Replace the built-in screw on the head of your regular cream dispenser with the adaptor screw. Ensure a tight fit and that no leakage can take place.


pressure regulator hose

4. Connect the pressure regulator hose to the adaptor on the cream dispenser

Push the connector on the screw, once you hear a “click” sound the connector is connect the system.


Set gas pressure

5. Set gas pressure according to the pressure table

Increase the working pressure step by step to 5, 10 and 15 Bar until your hear the gas flowing. Only increase the pressure to the next step if you no longer hear gas flowing. Because the cream dispenser is empty, a metallic sound is normal.

View our pressure tables to ensure you achieve the desired consistency


Release the pressure

6. Release the pressure

Release the pressure by twisting the pressure knob against clockwise (in direction of minus sign) and pressing the cream dispenser handle at the same time.


Disconnect the hose from the dispenser

7. Disconnect the hose from the dispenser

Disconnect the system by pulling the moveable part of the connector towards you.


Shake the cream dispenser and release the contents

8. Shake the cream dispenser and release the contents

Shake the cream dispenser to evenly distribute the gas. Add your then decorating tip of choice if you haven't already. Then press squeeze the handle to release the contents.

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