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Soda Machine

GoldWhip Soda Machine



Elevate your beverage experience with our premium aluminium soda machine from GoldWhip. Effortlessly craft refreshing sparkling water at home with ease and style.


Experience the pinnacle of home beverage crafting with our premium aluminium soda machine by GoldWhip. This sleek and efficient appliance allows you to create crisp and bubbly sparkling water at your convenience.

Compatible with GoldWhip's CO2 0.6L cylinders, it ensures a continuous supply of effervescence for your refreshing drinks.



  • Effortless Fizz: Carbonate your drinks easily and quickly.
  • Generous Capacity: The machine has a 750ml capacity, allowing you to prepare large batches of infused or carbonated drinks.
  • Compatible with GoldWhip 0.6L CO2 cylidners only. 

Box Contents

  • GoldWhip Soda Machine
  • Includes 1x plastic infusion bottles with lid.
  • Instructions manual

Gas Cylinders NOT INCLUDED


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