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Nitro Charger

2.4 g NITRO chargers.

Combine the GoldWhip Nitro Whip with our GoldWhip N2O whipped cream chargers for a superior brewing experience of Nitro Cold Brew Coffee.


Crafted by infusing cold brew coffee with pure nitrogen gas, this process yields a luxurious brew characterized by richness, flavor, a naturally creamy texture, and a velvety foam head, ensuring a barista-quality result. Elevate your coffee experience with this dynamic duo.


  • GoldWhip Nitro Chargers: 2.4g of pure nitrogen gas per charger.
  • High-quality, recyclable steel construction.
  • 1 Charger for up to 1L preparation.
  • Each box contains 24 chargers.


For any inquiries or local assistance, feel free to reach out via WhatsApp or complete the contact form, and we'll promptly link you up with the closest GoldWhip wholesaler.


If you're considering a wholesale partnership, you can find comprehensive information on how to become a GoldWhip Partner by visiting our dedicated page.


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