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Commercial Nitro Coffee Machine

Elevate your coffee experience with our countertop nitro coffee unit, designed to deliver exceptional fresh nitro coffee directly from your keg. These machines efficiently chill your perfected nitro brew, making them ideal for bustling coffee shops and bars.




Introducing our cutting-edge product that swiftly produces cold-extracted nitrogen coffee, tea, and juice. Equipped with proprietary molecular extraction technology, this system artfully preserves the coffee's original flavor, creating a rich, delicate foam for a velvety smooth and naturally sweet palate.

The aesthetic presentation adds to the visual delight, providing an immersive coffee experience. Versatile and multifunctional, it accommodates various flavors, making it a perfect addition to your summer menu.

With features like ECO constant temperature technology, energy efficiency, and national food safety certification, it ensures both environmental responsibility and customer satisfaction.

Elevate your coffee shop's offerings and boost sales with this innovative and reliable solution.


  • Single line - Dispense:1nitro coffee or 1cold brew coffee
  • Double line - Dispense:1nitro coffee+1cold brew coffee
  • Use GoldWhip N2 cylinders or avaible with a Nitrogen extraction system
  • Size: 205*600*530mm (W*D*H)
    (include drip trip and tap handle)


For any inquiries or local assistance, feel free to reach out via WhatsApp or complete the contact form, and we'll promptly link you up with the closest GoldWhip wholesaler.


If you're considering a wholesale partnership, you can find comprehensive information on how to become a GoldWhip Partner by visiting our dedicated page.


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