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CO2 0.6L

The GoldWhip 0.6L Gas Cylinder ensures you can continue enjoying sparkling water with your GoldWhip sparkling water maker.


With the capacity to make up to 60 liters, each gas cylinder provides a cost-effective solution while reducing your environmental impact compared to single-use plastic bottles. 


Never run out of sparkle: Ensure you always have bubbles with a spare GoldWhip's CO2 gas cylinder.

Long-lasting CO2: Each gas cylinder has the capacity to make up to 60 litres of your favorite fizzy drink, providing you with plenty of refreshing beverages.

Compatibility: GoldWhip's gas cylinders are designed to be compatible with most soda makers. However, it is important to check with the manufacturer of your specific soda maker to ensure compatibility and follow their safety instructions.

Be the change: By making your own fizzy water at home with the help of our easy-to-install gas cylinders, you can actively reduce your plastic bottle waste and contribute to a more sustainable environment.

Never be without the effervescence of sparkling water again. Stock up on GoldWhip's gas cylinders and enjoy the freedom of creating your own fizzy drinks at home. It's a simple and eco-friendly way to satisfy your craving for bubbly beverages.


GoldWhip 60 Litre Spare Gas Cylinder for Sparkling Water Maker Co2 Cylinder for Making Fizzy Carbonated Water at Home,

  • Dimensions: ‎7 x 7 x 37 cm. 425 Grams
  • Capacity‎ 60 litres
  • Volume Capacity ‎600 Millilitres
  • Weight ‎425 g

Compatible with most soda machines. 


CO2 Soda Gas 0.6L Case: GW21368


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