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Air Conditioning Recharge - Gas R134A

Revitalize your vehicle's air conditioning system with the GoldWhip Auto Air Conditioning Recharge gas cylidner for improved cooling and fuel efficiency. For operation, you'll need the separately sold R134A Trigger and Gauge.


  • Replenishes refrigerant and oil
  • Seals leaks in hoses, gaskets, and O-rings
  • Enhances efficiency
  • Incorporates advanced leak-sealing technology Kindly be aware that packaging may vary."


  • Not suitable for hybrid vehicles and the R1234YF systems


Important Note: The Recharge is capable of refilling refrigerant for 2-3 cars in cases of unintentional refrigerant loss due to low levels. While some vehicles may hold 700-800 grams of refrigerant, the majority typically contain 400-600 grams.


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