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Step By Step Distro Guide

Set Up Social Media Platforms

This is important as you will need to advertise your products. We would recommend setting up Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat along with TikTok.

WhatsApp Business

As we all know the world revolves around WhatsApp when it comes to staying in touch with your friends, this is no different with your clients. We recommend that you set up a WhatsApp Business number and post this on your social media platforms for your customers to get in touch with you directly with no delays.


You can download all your marketing content directly from our main marketing kit at your leisure, all content is available on

Orders & Stock

Once you have set up your social media platforms and start to receive enquiries and orders, get directly in touch with the local distribution centre to either purchase stock and fulfil the orders yourself or for them to send the orders out for you. You can find your local distributor by sending a what’s app message to: +44 7961 705557 and we’ll route you to your local distributor

What’s Next?

Once you have done all of the above and have created strong relationships with your new clients along with being fully comfortable with the whole process we can advance you further by building your own website and send you leads from the central system.

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